West supported Ukraine in a new round of conflict with Russia

European Union countries, NATO and the United States called on Russia to restore freedom of passage for ships in the Kerch Strait and return the ships captured on Saturday to Ukraine. An urgently convened meeting of the UN Security Council ended without t... 27 November 2018, 11:18 (glavnoe.ua)

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In the house of the ex-volunteer they found another arsenal of weapons

Law enforcers seized in a garage former battalion fighter Kiev-2 grenade launchers, mines, grenades, TNT and a large number of cartridges. 15 August 2018, 20:40 (Корреспондент.net)

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Residents of Ternopol are outraged by the abductions of guys by military registration and enlistment offices

In Ternopol, two unknown men grabbed a local resident right on the street and, wringing his hands, began to “load” into the car. Yesterday, 06:13 (glavnoe.ua)