In Spain, a foreign car crashed into a crowd of people, eight people were injured

On the southern coast of Spain in the city of Marbella on Sunday evening, May 28, the Audi car at a huge speed left the pedestrian street and crashed into a crowd of people. Today, 08:37 (УРА-Информ)

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In the capital of Afghanistan, the suicide bomber attacked a military convoy of NATO, 8 people were killed

_95882681_18c4a361-2669-40bf-b047-631d54903fc2. Jpg The suicide bomber near the NATO military column in Kabul. Victims of the attack were at least eight people. Reported three wounded US military. Another 25 people were injured. Basically it's locals. T... 03 May 2017, 11:20 (Електронні Вісті)

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As a result of the descent of landslides in Colombia, more than 150 people were killed

_95422685_95419880_e4ffdcca-114e-42f5-a75f-a8e2e57cfb1c. Jpg At least 154 people have become victims of the landslide in southwestern Colombia, President of the country Juan Manuel Santos. According to the authorities of the country, at least 190 people s... 02 April 2017, 11:00 (Електронні Вісті)