In Kharkov, 8 people died under shelling, the body of a 5-month-old baby was found on the porch visor

According to preliminary police data, today's shelling of Kharkiv was carried out with howitzers.. Eight people died (previously it was reported seven victims - ed.. ), 17 were injured. Today, 00:16 (

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Ukraine exposed international cyber group

gruppir. jpg A group of 11 people attacked more than 50 companies in France, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Britain and the United States using software such as Ransomware. This was reported by the press service of the cyber police. read m... 29 October 2021, 20:18 (Електронні Вісті)

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The number of victims of the earthquake in Haiti was almost two thousand people

gaiti. jpg The death toll from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred on August 14 in Haiti has reached 1,941, the number of victims - 9.9 thousand. read more. 18 August 2021, 15:37 (Електронні Вісті)