Most veterans of ATO-OOS left Golden

Most of the veterans who were in Golden left from there, only ten people remained. 01 November 2019, 03:04 (

Vitaly Oplachko: Vitaly Oplachko:
28 November 2018, 21:04 (Odessa Daily)
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In the house of the ex-volunteer they found another arsenal of weapons

Law enforcers seized in a garage former battalion fighter Kiev-2 grenade launchers, mines, grenades, TNT and a large number of cartridges. 15 August 2018, 20:40 (Корреспондент.net)

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Residents of Ternopol are outraged by the abductions of guys by military registration and enlistment offices

In Ternopol, two unknown men grabbed a local resident right on the street and, wringing his hands, began to “load” into the car. Yesterday, 06:13 (