Regina Todorenko: We need to cherish and appreciate the relationship

14 June 2018, 11:08 | Show Business
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Today, June 14, its 28th birthday is celebrated by the popular Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Regina Todorenko.

Editorial site TV. UA collected for its readers 5 interesting quotes from the interview of the artist, which she gave to various publications.

"I think a woman is a queen and with a make-up, and without. I'm closer to walking without make-up, but I will not miss the opportunity to distinguish the lips. This secret is such a girly: if you woke up on an airplane, flew 18 hours and realize that you are looking very bad, then you need to put a hydrogel mask on your face, drink plenty of water and brightly make up your lips ".

"I'm a weak woman at home.". I'm cooking lasagna, grilled fish. I clean sometimes. Because where I'm at home, there's a man stronger than me. And I like it. And at work I'm strong. A healthy, grown-up woman who drags a locomotive behind her ".

"I really want to have the same patience as my parents had to endure such a daughter as I am! (I was an insanely active child: I constantly sang, danced, read poetry, told some stories. I think my parents should have gone mad, but no, they loved it very much. Mom attended all my performances, Dad even performed with me on some holidays. When all the children celebrated the first of September or the last call, I performed in different schools with concerts. I had a schedule with the theater and ensemble. Since I was eight, I studied, and then worked in the school theater "Balaganchik".

"I used to think that women's happiness is travel, will, freedom, realization in the profession. But in the last six months I feel that the truth is still in the well-known line from the song: "Women's happiness - would be nice near". Anyway. When in your life there is a man with whom you are not afraid, with whom you are interested, fun, cool ... Then you want to be close to him and feel weak and protected. What the hell is the implementation? Just be happy, enjoy life, thank the universe, that next to you there is a person with whom you feel good, and then it will be even better. It is necessary to cherish and appreciate such relations and to cease to be a strong "woman-locomotive".

"Being an object of male attention is nice, but I want you to be perceived not simply as a sexual object, but as a developed, intellectual nature, which often does not work out, because they meet us in clothes, and see off in the mind. It's not bad - to be the object of men's attention, the main thing is to be able to use it properly ".

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