George Clooney's wife no longer wants to give birth to his children

13 September 2017, 17:38 | Show Business
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Actor George Clooney in a recent interview admitted that initially, the news that he was to become the father of twins, shocked him.

"I remember when we came with Amal to another ultrasound procedure, the doctor told us:" So, I see one child, he's all right. And here's another one! ". "What !?" - I yelled. And after that he lost his gift of speech. I stared blankly at the piece of paper on which the description of ultrasound results was presented, and I did not believe my eyes.

Frankly, until the very end, until the moment when our children were born I was sure that it was some kind of mistake! "- told Clooney.

Three months after the birth of Ella and Alexander, George fully adapted to his role as father. As for the further expansion of the actor's family, on this point he disappointed his fans: Amal told George that he should not dream of further expansion of the family.

Earlier, Clooney confessed to helping a refugee.

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