Happiness in the details: how the Ukrainian stars attract luck

20 March 2017, 14:47 | Show Business
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Today, on March 20, the whole world celebrates the day of happiness established by the UN in 2012. Ukrainian artists did not stay aside and told TV. UA about talismans that bring them happiness. It turns out that our stars are very superstitious!.

Anna Dobrydneva, singer: "My talisman is always with me. Literally. This is my tattoo. Shell, as a symbol of a spiral. This is a very powerful symbol that can be found everywhere in the micro, macro and mega worlds. Starting from a DNA molecule ending with a galaxy. Also on my hand are the peonies. This flower has magical power and in China is considered the king of flowers. Symbol of love and sexuality ».

Denis Lyubimov, the singer: "I simply do not have talismans, I believe solely in myself and in the people who surround me. My team and my loved one by my side - that's what really helps me before the speeches ".

KiRA MAZUR, singer: "A charm or a talisman bringing happiness does not have to be a thing or an amulet. In many ways a person is himself a guardian. Being persistent and self-disciplined, a person is able to achieve any goal. The main thing is to believe in yourself and be confident in yourself - then everyone can achieve everything for themselves and become truly happy ".

Pavel Zibrov, singer, People's Artist of Ukraine: "I do not have a talisman and a talisman. I do not believe in these things. But there are certain rituals that are mandatory. 10 minutes before the concert and any performance, I ask everyone to leave the dressing room: I must stay with myself. Wherever it is. And if the wife is with me at the concert, she crosses me. And if she is not there, then for 5 minutes she calls and blesses to the concert ".

Andrey Kishe, singer, TV host and showman: "I can not say that I believe in the power of all sorts of talismans, amulets, amulets ... However, I think that I did not just get into the Armani boutique in New York in 2010. Passing by the boutique, some unknown force pushed me to go inside. From all kinds of unreal beauty of ornaments, my view fell on a wooden cross. I could not look at anything anymore and at first glance realized that I had to buy it, no matter how much it cost. After purchasing an accessory, I immediately wore it and felt that it was mine.

For 7 years now, I have not broken up with a cross and I do not wear other accessories. None of my performances go through without him, regardless of the stage costume and image. Unfortunately, life does not always go smoothly. Stresses, disappointments, all sorts of troubles do not give a full surrender to work. But if I put on a concert suit, a cross, go on stage and see the faces of my fans, how everything falls into place. I'm happy and enjoy the songs, I give myself completely to them, I dissolve into them. "Sonya Kay, singer, dancer, interior designer:" My parents are my talismans. They try to come to all the performances in which I participate, and this has already become a good family tradition. They very much experience and support me, at every step they direct to the right path. From the very childhood my parents took me on trips, thanks to which I visited many countries, I saw what a fabulous and incredible world we have.. It was very inspiring for me, especially when I was making my first steps in music. They are for me the best friends with whom I always consult and I can tell them absolutely everything. I really appreciate them for having them. Confirmation of that tattoo on my right hand: the first letter "L" - Lydia, and the second "S" - Sergey ".

Avalanche, singer, actress and TV presenter: "When traveling, I never miss the sight of flea markets. Abhaya-mudra - a gesture of protection and elimination of fears. Now it became clear why among all the antique shops in Thailand, the hand unconsciously and persistently stretched to this amulet. For five years now I've worn it on my neck, as a symbol of peace and harmony inside and out ".

Marietta Ways, singer: "My main talisman is my dog ??beagle called Joy. Friends gave me his 20 th birthday. In general, the appearance of the dog was my big dream, but I never thought that it would come to pass. Joy changed not only my life, but also the way of my whole family. He brought us much good and joy.

Another Joy manages to inspire me for creativity. He loves to sit on my piano. It can be said that thanks to this little creature, there are many light songs in my repertoire. Joy constantly saves me from blues and bad moods. If I have something hurts, he will definitely come, lie down next to me and with such care, warmly look at me, that he takes everything off with his hand ".

Recall earlier it became known that the auction will sell jewelry to world stars.

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