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04 July 2022, 23:33 | gossip
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A resident of the city recalls with horror the events that her family and herself had to endure. Irina said that at first she did not believe that Russia attacked Ukraine.

But when I read in the news that the occupiers were bombing Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkov, I immediately took my daughter out of town to her parents. And she returned to Mariupol.

Klisichko herself recalls that there was almost no connection with her relatives.. So it was a joy for her to hear that everything is fine with her daughter and parents.. Irina herself hid first in the apartment, and then in the basement.. But when the shots became much more frequent, Klisichko decided that she needed to run away from the city..

Irina went to the area of \u200b\u200bthe city, where it was " Klisichko was settled by strangers. However, it wasn't safe there.. She went to her parents out of town.

Irina recalls how they brought bread to the store.

" We bought another warm loaf, tore apart this loaf and could not get enough. Ordinary bread has replaced all sweets, all sweets for us,"

And then began life in occupation. The Russian military arrived in the village where Irina was located and began to establish their own rules there.. invaders came to houses, checked all things.

And when Klisichko told them that because of them, civilians lost their loved ones, houses and jobs, the occupiers replied that they did not feel sorry for the Ukrainians.

“When we said that our housing was broken, there was no work, that we had come here because we had nowhere to live, the invaders said: “So what? We don’t feel sorry for you,” Irina recalled..

Currently, the woman is in Zaporozhye and believes that she will return to Mariupol, liberated from the invaders..

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