Disclosure Ostapchuk spoke about the ex-druzhina with bare facts: wounded veins, thefts and the bandit brother

02 July 2022, 22:23 | gossip
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So, the woman said that the showman has psychological problems, and that the current team of Khristina is "

If you form a star of the tolerant in your beak, then the talk about the kohana of yogo was not on fire. At the same time, the celebrity has proven the versatility of the naked facts about Olena and her family.

Zokrema, in Instagram-stories Ostapchuk wrote that Voichenko had problems with the law in the United States, and she pulled on that she was trying to kill suicide.

" About yours, Oleno, two criminal decisions in the USA. 1st Court in Albany, New York. After 10 years, you were not given a second visa to the States. Episode - shoplifter. About what I recognized in the embassy. Why don’t you show your wounded veins on your hands at the interview. And don’t tell me how I told you and took you to the hospital post (it’s not for you to give an assessment to my mental state),” the TV presenter wrote.

Takozh Ostapchuk stating that Voichenko's brother is a bandit. In yoga words, I was one of the organizers of the criminal gang in Uman, and Olena with fathers yogo.

" Tse meni became the signature of the people's deputy Anton Yatsenok. Brother was vilified. It appears that the wine is alive under other names and you knew about it. Brother at once in the isolation room. Check the decision to the court. I’ll attach the facts,"

And the image at the address of the squad of Christina, Volodymyr, saying: " It’s better to be like this, to steal speeches, like you, to win the court and mother the same homeland. Now go to the journalists and don’t forget to tell how you beat Emilia, bring that you’re not smart to suicide, bring that you don’t have a criminal past, about what you’ve scammed about me, and tell me about your relatives-bandits”.

Without overlooking Ostapchuk and journalist Alina Dorotyuk. Vin said, what do you know, for what kind of attack was blocked in yoga Instagram. Also, the showman, having pleased me to know another way to help Ukraine during the war. In addition, Volodymyr, calling out to discuss the three fates of this separation, and having pleased the women "

Finally, Ostapchuk, declaring that the Yogo Kolishna squad would like to chain Yogo Kokhana once, but his relatives would be brought to court.

" Why don't you call my team a " Bandyukiv in the person of your dad's bandy, I'm not afraid. High only someone from my relatives to hook. Їm f * zda "

Let's guess, Dantes stating that after the separation from Dorofieva, you no longer want a mother of public relations. Now v_n trimatim sobiste filed in the eyes of human eyes.

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