Potap publicly announced Prikhodko, yak called yogo "

30 June 2022, 12:17 | gossip
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So, for days, the artist called the vikonavtsya "

PTP without becoming mumchat and publishing a comment on your side in Instagram. The celebrity has announced that it is the hour of a full-scale war "

\! We need all the people who help Ukraine, on any fronts! Especially artists! Show me at once that there is more than one on the right, one meta - victory! After her, we will have a rich hour, talk about one acceptability and inacceptability, and it will be more or less the same. All at once, we are all one force and we have no right for you and an hour to weld and help, all at once! From Monatika to Polyakova, from Kalush to Quarter - my patriots and skins from us to fight our right for Ukraine! "

So Potap added that the songs of love Prikhodko to his own nation, native land and want, so that all the artists of Ukraine were united like the Ukrainian people, the army and the volunteers.

\! With great honor to all our artists, producers, directors, like a skin day, create masterpieces for our spivvitchizniks and approach victory!

Glory to Ukraine, Glory to ZSU,"

In the comments, the users rushed about the artist and called her "

Better help someone at once, lower the call and work the filth!

Panya Potap, I don’t know what kind of girl that you said about her, but they took you diplomatically It’s not necessary to divide Ukrainians! As it is well said, such Anastasia can be ashamed for her words Let's guess, MELOVIN knowing that the war took two close people from him. Spivak stating that it’s not possible to probachit in any way.

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Prytula rozpovіv, like a squad did yoga on the day of the people: "

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