Ksenia Sobchak first showed archival photos of a newborn son

13 February 2018, 01:43 | gossip
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TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who in November 2016 gave birth to the first-born of Plato, for a long time did not show the kid to the public.

However, the other day Xenia was the guest of Sergei Mayorov's "Once Upon a Time" program, where for the first time not only shared the archival photos of a 15-month-old son, but also told some details about his upbringing.

According to Sobchak, when she sings a child to a lullaby, the husband of the presenter Maxim Vitorgan believes that the baby develops a bad ear.

"I sing a lullaby to my son, but Maxim believes that this way we will develop a bad hearing for the child. Because I sing so-so. So for a start we decided to put him all the same Bach, Beethoven and some beautiful lullabies, but a lot of classical music, "said Sobchak.

Also, the star shared her childhood memories. Xenia confessed that her childhood was devoted to fighting with her mother, because she was very strict with the girl.

"The pope called me" my home Chechnya, "and I defended my right to personal space with all my might, so that no one would read my diaries, personal records, so that I could communicate with someone calmly from school," Xenia recalled.

The presenter added that unlike her mother, who had never heard praise in her childhood, she would raise her son differently.

"Mom likes to criticize me with her husband. Insert your own comments. I understand that she wanted all her life to be the best, but it has another side - I've never heard the words of praise that I wanted to hear. I would not want my son to be like this. I want to learn to let go of it, not to criticize and accept it as it is, regardless of whether I like it or not, "Sobchak said..

Recall, in November last year, Ksenia Sobchak touched the fans with a joint photo of her husband and son.

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