Ukraine and the EU: Negotiations about “Transport Without Viz” at the final stage

14 June 2024, 17:11 | Ukraine
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Ukraine has successfully negotiated the continuation of the transport exemption agreement with the European Union, which opens up a new prospect for the smooth transportation of goods. Preparations are now underway before the document is re-signed, which marks the final stage in the formalization of this document.

This news was announced by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade Representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka. It is important to note that the agreement has already gone through the negotiation process and is at the final stage of formal negotiations.

While the Ministry of Infrastructure, as a key participant in the negotiation process, continues to pickle the grass from the cob, it has not infested a large number of households in the future.

“The order for the approval of the signed document is already undergoing just a formal examination,” Kachka explained, indicating an active preparation process before the document is signed.

We would like to remind you that the 29th quarter of the Rada of the European Union confirmed the mandate for re-moving with Ukraine in order to continue the liberalization of essential transport, known as “transport without transport”.

The European Commission proposes to continue this mechanism for at least 12 months, with the possibility of further extension in due course. This means that Ukrainian carriers will be able to handle bilateral transport shipments without interruption until around 2025.

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