Tsikava podia

On February 21st, the cultural center Beit Grand held a anniversary meeting for the club “Taka Rizna Odessa” (under the leadership of Inni Rikun). Yesterday, 20:59 (Odessa Daily)

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Election of the mayor of Kiev: who has the most chances to win

The latest poll results have appeared on the election of the mayor of Kiev, which should take place this fall. 03 August 2020, 13:54 (УРА-Информ)

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Ministry of Internal Affairs: thanks to what the system survived, and whether it needs to be transformed in a war?

On new personnel, functional and state challenges for the system and the new Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Klymenko appointed today by the Verkhovna Rada. 07 February 2023, 18:37 (Зеркало недели)