Art picnic in the middle of the Color Trojans

11 June 2024, 12:10 | Ukraine
photo Odessa Daily
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8 chervenya at the Botanical Garden ONU im. Mechnikov will have a special visit for Odessa residents and guests of the place.

The most famous Christmas tree rose garden became a visitor's visit and the main Yuletide photo zone for guests.. Ale not only vin. Other beautiful plants blossomed in the garden until the ear of the cherries. This includes medicines. (For example, the Russian shawl looks really beautiful. ) To soothe irises, lilies and little girls with your beauty. Perfumed linden and lavender. The lavender field, lit up, turned into the real French Provence in the middle of Odessa. The first axis is the middle of all this writing, for the joy of children and adults, the Botanical Garden is holding an art picnic.

The program for the approach was very rich, varied and bright. Garden sports workers organized fairs of hand-made goods and hand-made master classes. Adults were exposed to a variety of similar practices, tea ceremonies and new techniques related to a healthy way of living.. And the children, madly, are such a great program for children. Before the speech, she saw the surrounding location “Under the Oak”. And this oak is a reference reminder, the pride of the garden. And he looks like a marvelous Kazkov character.

Children listened to fairy tales, went through a young gardener's school, made whistles and independently created bouquets from living flowers and mini-decor from piece ones.

The atmosphere was extremely friendly and creative. The sports workers at the Botanical Garden worked as hard as they could to make this weekend memorable.. The previous art picnics were already satisfied and are looking forward to continuing similar events for an alternative family reunion.

Text: Margarita Korobitsina.

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