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22 February 2024, 20:59 | Ukraine
photo Odessa Daily
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On February 21st, the cultural center Beit Grand held a anniversary meeting for the club “Taka Rizna Odessa” (under the leadership of Inni Rikun).

Now the club is gathering friends in the open space, where it may be a miracle not only to listen to Velmishanov’s testimony, but also to formulate your idea and ask questions about the activity of mortgages, which stinks are working.

At the anniversary party, chaplains Olga Nagornyuk (head. Viddilom Library im. Grushevsky), Lilia Stekel (filled with TYUG m. Oleshi) and Olena Yavorska (Head of. science viddil of the Literary Museum).

They presented even more damning evidence about how they work in the hour of war.. Grushevsky, Theater of the Young Looker and Literary Museum. Demonstrated colorful presentations with useful illustrative materials.

Dopovidi vizvali zahoplennya tsikavi food and podjaku view hearing.

And Lilya Stekel also impressed by showing this video from the recording of the artists’ performance and the real doll Regeddi Enn - the main character and the participant were shown, and everyone said how beautiful this handmade dolly is.

Then the young Talanovita poet Vlada Ilinska read her poems at home.

And there was also a welcome surprise for everyone present - a musical performance by Irina Morozovskaya. Let's play the guitar and sing the author's songs to the most terrifying completions of the anniversary song.

All the present wished the club “Taka Rizna Odessa” a long life and new friendships with a warm number of friends.

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