Establishing disability: with what diseases can you get group I

22 February 2024, 13:00 | Ukraine
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Due to the war started by Russia, the number of people with disabilities in Ukraine is growing. During martial law, the procedure for passing the medical and social expert commission (MSEC) was simplified for Ukrainians. The publication “Health Fact” told how disability is established and with what diseases you can get the first group.

How is disability group I assigned?.

In Ukraine, the system for establishing disability groups is based on medical and social examination (MSEC), which is carried out by decision of the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Health.

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MSEC specialists assess various aspects of a person’s health and physical ability, his ability to self-care, training, employment, etc..

Among the main reasons that can lead to the establishment of disability group I are the following: chronic and oncological diseases, injuries, developmental defects, neurological and mental conditions that significantly limit a person’s capabilities.

Persons who have completely lost their ability to work and require constant care for various reasons are entitled to receive group I disability.. These are people with disabilities from childhood, general illness, work, as well as those who have injuries after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, military operations or their consequences.

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What diseases can be diagnosed with disability group I?.

Such diseases include:.

Malignant neoplasms, in particular lymphoid, hematopoietic and similar tissues (with metastases and relapses); severe general condition with severe manifestations of intoxication, cachexia and tumor disintegration).

Mental disorders with persistent, significantly pronounced psychopathological syndromes (dementia; oligophrenia: idiocy, imbecility; dementia due to schizophrenia and epilepsy).

Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system with a progressive course and consequences of injuries and other lesions of the nervous system with irreversible, significantly impaired motor, speech and visual functions.

Bilateral anophthalmos (absence of eyes, congenital vestigial eyeballs).

Complete blindness or concentric narrowing of the visual field to 10 degrees from the point of fixation in both eyes.

Combination of blindness in both eyes (corrected visual acuity below 0.1 or concentric narrowing of visual fields up to 25 degrees from the point of fixation) with general somatic pathology or amputations of the lower limbs at the hip level, one upper limb or complete deafness.

Blindness (transfer-corrected visual acuity less than 0.05 or concentric narrowing of the visual field up to 10 degrees from the point of fixation) in both eyes due to persistent irreversible changes.

Severe contracture or ankylosis of the shoulder, elbow, wrist joints of the upper extremities or hip, knee, ankle joints of the lower extremities in a functionally disadvantageous position (if endoprosthetics is impossible).

Stumps of the upper limbs at the level of the forearm in different combinations.

Stumps of two lower limbs at the level of the shin and above in combination with the stump of one upper limb.

Stumps of both lower extremities at the level of the lower third of the thighs and above.

Bilateral absence of four or three fingers, including the first.

Kidney diseases of IV and V degrees, treated by using program hemodialysis.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system that led to circulatory failure of degrees IIIB-III due to the ineffectiveness of rehabilitation measures.

Diseases of the respiratory system with a progressive course, accompanied by persistent pulmonary insufficiency of the III degree, in combination with circulatory failure of the IIIB-III degrees.

Previously, we wrote about the size of the disability pension established in Ukraine and whether it has changed this year.

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