The world of children's fantasies, Ganchir's doll Regeddi Enn and the deep psychology in life

19 November 2023, 12:34 | Ukraine
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At the Young Gazing Theater. Olesha attended the premiere of an unexpected performance of William Gibson's song "

The main character is doll Enn - a little-known character for us, but a symbolic character for American children's culture.. Those boards are so popular there that they've been included in the "

" When she fell ill and fell asleep, she fell asleep in the fairy tale land of living toys. At the same time, the girl ruined the price for a long time. The plot does not deprive any of the spectators. This is how the world develops. Girls have to shut up with the harsh reality of the adult world. These are the things (the scary doctors say) that they look at, and the price itself, and the pirate called “Mr..

For this hour fears to take the mountain. And it’s so viral. And then the characters feel that evil has prevailed. All that remains is the self-sacrifice of the beloved doll Enn, who gives Marcella her red gancher heart. Her faith in the triumph of good not only helps the girl get dressed, but also helps her find her mother and brings her parents closer to each other again.

It’s cool that the story of the doll has made its way onto the stage of theaters from the life of a particular girl. The American artist John Barton Gruel, who created a great comic book for adults, immediately recognized the doll. In 1908, Gruel started painting for children. Yogo robots began to be published in popular magazines. At Gruel's there was Donna Marcela. In the 1st axis of 1914 fate became even more important: on the hill of Budinka she found an old ganchir’s doll. Johnny found out that his mother was playing with this baby. The doll's identity has been completely erased. Then he easily painted round black eyes, a red nose with a trikulet and a great smiling mouth. From her old speeches, Marcela sewed new clothes. And then, under the influx of James Whitcomb Riley’s singing “The Raggedy Man” and “Orphan Annie”, father and daughter named the doll that way - Raggedy Ann.

American children have learned the story of the gancher doll in comic books, read in a series of books, and watched in musicals..

The first axis of knowledge of American culture was developed in the Odessa Tyumen University. The production of "

It is important to note that clownery is one of the signs of modernity. Clowns permeate the mass media in cinema, television, music, comics, etc.. Fortunately, “good clowns” are outweighed by the number of bad ones. From the point of view of deep psychology, the evil clown is an archetype of the current popular mass culture, in essence, a negative character. Cinematography has a particularly wide range of representations.. This archetype is the individual of absolute evil. You have an important image of the Good Clown, in this case - the gancher doll Enn, who overcomes evil.

The premiere production will employ leading theater actors. Her work is bright and energy-intensive, both emotionally and plastically. All participants in the action expressively convey the roughness and torn ruins of the reviving dolls. The actors who infused the negative characters in the story clearly exhibit non-transferability, spontaneity of action, carelessness and the very same conflicting instincts and cravings of information that conflict They speak among themselves, what psychoanalysis calls “tonatos and eros”. In this way, the unusual production coexists with two readings - one on the side of the analytical psychology of Jung’s archetypes and the other - the psychoanalytic one of Freud.

It must be said that reading and interpreting a theatrical production is not a simple matter. In the program, the creators amusingly told him to look at the age of 12+. To whose varto obov'yazkovo listen! It is important to understand that young children have powerful fears. Especially the fear of death, about how you put “terrible doctors” right on the cob, shouting in unison from the scene. (such a moment). Young people may be afraid of separation, but over there there is. In the deep senses, the productions are vengeful and have serious social satire.. And to be fair, it is clearly adequate for the development of the child’s psyche to inform and bear the negative anxiety of those who are expected to develop “innocentness” no earlier than 12 years.

Tsikavo, that the other part is “therapeutizing” first, there is a strong need for reconciliation with this, who, having become a child, and the great power of forgiveness.

It seems that, ideally, the production of “Raggedy Enn” is especially suitable for adults who have experienced childhood traumas. Obviously, such things are still a rarity for TYUGs. And if you want to delve into the depths of information and psychoanalytic findings, then the shortest version of the year is to joke. First of all, ask yourself about how ready you are for this.

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