Learn about your hair: How to apply the right hair care to preserve the beauty and health of your hair

29 November 2023, 00:16 | Health
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Worry about hair: How to put on the right headdress to preserve beauty and healthy hair More and more often, we wear headwear not only for the sake of protection from bad hair, but also as a stylish accessory. Prote, not a scalp treatment is beneficial for the health of our hair. Let's take a look at the main types of hats, which ones can cause your hair to get rough and fall out.

Headdresses with decorative elements Headwear with a large number of rhinestones, sequins, beads and buckles not only look unsightly, but can also cause mechanical damage to the hair. Replace them with minimalist models without decoration to eliminate hair tangles and promote a healthy look.

Wash off your headwear if you are not insured for the weather. It is important to wash your hats and insure if you are insured for the weather.. A too warm hat can lead to excessive sweating on the scalp, making hair greasy and unruly. Stick to the golden mean and choose hats according to the appropriate wind temperature.

Thick hats Focus on moisture comfort. If you feel that the headgear is tight or screaming, pick up more from a handy warehouse. Thick hats can improve blood circulation in the head, which flows into the waist and appearance of hair. Wrap your hat so that it is not tight, so as to avoid losing your hair.

Knitted headbands and earmuffs Whether you want stylish accessories for photo shoots, they are not the best choice for protecting your hair from the cold. Knitted headbands and earmuffs can cause hair to become dark or brittle.

Instead, choose hats made from natural fibers that completely cover the top of the head and ear, ensuring effective protection.

Choosing the right headdress can greatly improve the health and appearance of your hair. Minimize the waste of cleaning from a large number of decorative elements, protect the weather and choose comfortable models to ensure optimal protection from external factors. Your hair deserves the best look, if you wear a stylish headdress.


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