Nimechchyna - Ugorshchina: bookmakers' forecast for the Euro 2024 match

19 June 2024, 20:33 | Football
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Find out who is the favorite in the match of another round of Euro 2024.

As part of the first game day of another round of the group stage of the European Championship 2024, Nimechchyna will have a meeting between the selected countries of the tournament and Ugorshchina - representatives of quartet A.

The team will be at the Stuttgart Arena in Stuttgart, as well as the head referee from the Netherlands, Danni Makkelie.. Cob - about 19:00.

How they played in the first round?

In the Euro 2024 match, Zbirna Nimecchina did not deprive Scotland of its chances (5:1), and Ugorshchina lost to Switzerland with a score of 1:3.

What are the predictions for the match

According to the bookmakers, the favorites of the upcoming competition are a gift to the tournament. . The likelihood of a draw result is represented by a coefficient of 5.80.

The analytical statistical portal Opta notes that the German region has a 71.2% chance of success, in the Ugor region - 12.1%. Nothing is estimated at 16%.

What are the betting options?

Ugorshchina is a clear outsider here, with Dominique Sobosla and the company deprived of a lot of strength in the past game with Switzerland. If the Germans had wasted a point, the team of Nagelsmann prevailed with a handicap (-1) for odds of 1.48, or a greater risk option - with a handicap (-1.5) for 1.81 - completely real options for development under ій.

ORIENTAL WAREHOUSES IN NAMECHCHIN: Noir (Bavaria) - Kimmich (Bavaria), Rudiger (Real Madrid), Ta (Bavaria), Mittelstedt (Stuttgart) - Andrich (Bavaria), Kroos (Real Madrid) - Musiala (Bavaria) me), Gundogan (Barcelona), Virts.

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