War, day 841. NATO countries praised the plan to increase assistance to Ukraine

15 June 2024, 12:27 | Football
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The 841st year of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian large-scale military invasion has ended.

VTRATI VOROGA GOLOVNI NEW (hromadske)? NATO members praised the plan to increase assistance to Ukraine, and after the EU, the framework for negotiations on the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the European Union was established.

Russia may pay Ukraine as much as $500 billion for the legacy of aggression, G7 leaders said.

Putin voiced a new “peaceful proposal” ahead of the war in Ukraine. In the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Putin’s attempt to present himself in the role of a peacemaker was called absurd, and Zelensky equated this with Hitler.

Ukraine turned over the bodies of 254 fallen defencists. Most of them fought directly in Donetsk.

The EU plans to increase the production of artillery shells and reach the level of Russia's efforts.

Zelensky arrives in Switzerland at the World Summit. The Global Summit on 15-16 will have the participation of nearly 100 countries and international organizations, including Zelensky.


INFORMATION TO THE GENERAL STAFF OF THE ZSU ABOUT THE SITUATIONS ON THE FRONT (22:00) The defense forces will continue to resist the enemy’s attempts to penetrate into the depths of the territory of Ukraine, directly facing the conquest of the Russian occupiers plans to come.

Today's military forces, missile troops and artillery of the Defense Forces hit 15 areas centered on a special warehouse, three air defense units, three artillery units, two ammunition depots and another important enemy target.

Stretch to finish off the enemy by launching six missile strikes across the territory of Ukraine from the stockpiling of 17 missiles. In addition, 38 airstrikes were recorded from 57 KABIs. Hitting 490 kamikaze drones. At the same time, the enemy launched over 3,000 shelling attacks on the positions of our military forces and populated areas from various types of armor..

As of this hour, there have been 81 military conflicts.

The Russian aggressor is trying to gain superiority in manpower, technology and support from the wind. Unfazed by the intense onslaught of enemies, the Ukrainian warriors are fierce and effective against the enemy.

On the Kharkiv direct, the Russian occupiers three times, with the support of aviation, attempted to storm the positions of our paramilitaries in the areas of Vovchanska and the Pacific. All attacks have been defeated.

Ten military battles with the occupiers took place on Kupyansky directly. The enemy is trying to improve the tactical situation in the areas of Petropavlivka, Sinkivka and Pishchane settlements. Near Sinkivka, all assaults on the gate have been defeated, and fighting is still taking place in the areas of Petropavlivka and Pishchany.

On Limansky, directly during the day, Russian troops attacked our positions in the areas of Grekivka, Terniv and Nevsky nine times. The situation is under control - four feared attacks have ended, and five will continue.

On the Kramatorsk direct, enemy activity in the Andriivka area is not without success.

The enemy of the Ukrainian invaders is intensively attacking Pokrovsky directly. Here, on the last day, the aggressor carried out 29 assault and offensive operations. The greatest activity of Russian occupiers remains in the areas of Novooleksandrivka, Sokol and Novopokrovsky. Zagalom, Ukrainian defenders have already defeated 17 direct attacks, another 12 attacks are being taken down. The situation is difficult, the defense is controlled by the Defense Forces. Our soldiers are reporting efforts to prevent the enemy from slipping into the depths of Ukrainian territory. According to the information available at this time, the current expenditure of the aggressor directly resulted in 263 individuals killed and injured. Before that, several occupiers gave up completely. One tank, three artillery systems, all vehicles and five armored combat vehicles were reduced. In addition, two cars, five armored fighting vehicles, two tanks and three armored vehicles were damaged.

On Kurakhivskyi direct for this hour, 20 military battles are charged. Zagarbniki remain highly active, trying to stick out in the areas of the settlements Krasnogorivka, Paraskovivka and Kostyantynivka. The Defense Forces repelled 16 enemy attacks, with more to come.

On other direct routes, without any special changes, there is no chance of success, wasting our territories and positions is not allowed.

HONORABLE PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY The President of Ukraine discussed bilateral agreements and expanded trade with the Prime Minister of India, as well as agreement with Pope Francis.

The head of the state informed the Pontiff in detail about the legacy of Russian aggression against Ukraine, Russian terrorism and the difficult situation in the energy sector..

We also discussed the Formula for Peace, the role of the Holy See in the establishment of a just and peaceful world for Ukraine, as well as the global peace agenda.. Volodymyr Zelensky blamed the Vatican for his fate at the gate.

Virimo u Zbroina Sili Ukrayin! Razom Mi - strength! Glory to Ukraine!

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