Lyudmila Barbir spoke about her military husband and revealed what he does at the front

21 June 2024, 13:04 | gossip
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The host of the morning project “Snidanok z 1+1”, which airs daily from 6:30 to 09:30 on the 1+1 TV channel, Lyudmila Barbir spoke for the first time in a long time about her husband, who from the first days has been defending Ukraine from Russian occupiers. Thus, the celebrity admitted that since 2014, her lover volunteered to join the ATO, because he had some experience in military affairs. Already during the full-scale invasion, the chosen one Barbir joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and became an instructor for other fighters. In addition, according to Lyudmila, her cousin is also on the front line and has been fighting back enemies in the hottest spots for three years now.

" edit. ) left the Maidan immediately as a volunteer for the ATO. He was there from 2014 to 2017. These were one of the reconnaissance groups. And when there was a question of a full-scale invasion, it was clear to me that he would go and we discussed it. He is an instructor for officers and non-commissioned officers. He teaches tactics - assault, ambush, reconnaissance, fighting in the city... He says: “I understand that I have my knowledge and combat experience (I can pass on - approx.. edit. )" Even before the full-scale invasion, he conducted training with various security agencies. . And he says that “who else but me,” Lyudmila said in an interview with Alina Dorotyuk.

The presenter also shared that her lover is now in the Kharkov direction.

And, holding back tears, she notes that she is in great pain from such a long separation, although she understands the importance of her husband’s decision. “He, of course, wants to be with his family when you don’t see each other for a long time, but he understands that he should be there. He is in the Kharkov direction. I’ve accepted this since 2014,” the presenter added.. Let us remind you that recently Ruslan Senichkin answered whether he was ready to go to the front and whether he had reservations from mobilization.

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