The performer of the viral hit “It’s light and silent”” quarreled between Dorofeeva and Klimenko

11 September 2023, 00:36 | gossip
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Member of the famous duet Dobryva Edgar Yenokyan came to try his hand at the stage of " The vocalist became famous in the winter, when the lights were turned off in Ukraine due to constant shelling.. Edgar, together with his friend Evgeniy, another member of the group, created a song about this. The musicians received positive reviews on the Internet that they themselves did not even expect this. Edgar came to the "

" Everyone had no time for music. I decided to do what I do best - come up with an Internet joke. Somehow this came to mind - light and dark. They quickly sketched out the chords, I wrote them down. That same day we immediately went to the kitchen and filmed a video. In a few hours, more than 100 thousand views were already. What do I want from “The Voice”? I'm interested in showing myself to people who watch TV. TV is a different world,” shared a project participant. Nadya Dorofeeva pressed the red button from the first second, followed by Ivan Klimenko. The coaches recognized Edgar and started a real fight for him. They begged Yulia Sanina and Artem Pivovarov not to press the red button. When Edgar finished singing, the coaches began to admit that they recognized him and follow him on social networks.

" Thank you for today you gave me hope for cool Ukrainian quality show business. I would really like to work with you and I really invite you to join my team,” said Dorofeeva. Meanwhile, Ivan Klimenko also began to invite Edgar to his team. Dorofeeva was not happy with this, because she also wanted to see a participant on her team.

" You need it?

This Panama hat, she closes her eyes. You can’t see your eyes, but you came to “The Voice” so that the whole of Ukraine would know you,” said Nadya. But Klimenko began to say that he is the producer of some of Dorofeeva’s songs. To which the coach replied that their coalition was deteriorating. The star mentors had already begun to quarrel over the participant; finally Edgar chose Nadya Dorofeeva. Meanwhile, Ivan Klimenko congratulated the coach.

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