The tragedy of the " The official trailer for the film “Budinok “The Word”” has appeared. Never-ending novel"

20 March 2024, 20:43 | Art
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The official trailer for the film “Budinok “The Word”” has appeared online. Never-ending Romance”, directed by Taras Tomenko. The film about “Rozstrilyane Vidrozhennya” will be released on the big screen on May 9, 2024.

The film tells about the dramas of Ukrainian writers of the 20s and 30s. XX century. , who were gathered in one Kharkov house and forced to work for the benefit of the Soviet system. The film depicts how the so-called communist paradise turns into hell, where there are repressions, executions, lost dreams and lives. The film is based on real events. In it, Mykola Khvylevoy, Les Kurbas, Mikhail Yalovy, Mike Johannsen (Mikhail Gervasevich), Mikhail Semenko, Grigory Epik, Pavlo Tychyna are real people, and not biographies from history or literature textbooks.

“My team and I have been working on this project for more than 10 years.. And for good reason. This is a long and difficult path for the return of the writers of “Rozstrіlyany Rebirth” from oblivion,” noted Taras Tomenko.

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The trailer was directed by Alexander Khomenko, co-founder of the group “MUR”, who released an album about the poets of “Rozstrilyanogo Vіdrozhennya” and the residents of the House “Word” - “You [Romance]”.

The composer of the film was Alla Zagaykevich. Screenwriters: Taras Tomenko and Lyubov Yakimchuk. The roles in the film were performed by Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Andrey Isaenko, Gennady Popenko, Boris Georgievsky, Andrey May, Nina Naboka, Marina Koshkina and others. The soundtrack to the film's trailer was a song by the group NAZVA.

Art film “Budinok “Word””. Never-ending Romance” is a continuation of the documentary film “Budinok “The Word””, released in 2017. To create this film, Tomenko used documentary and archival footage and voiced letters from literary residents of the same “Slovo House”.

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Let us remind you that the group “MUR” presented the first musical album about the writers of the “Executed Revival”, which was called “You [Romance]” on February 29. The album consists of 17 tracks, all of them are interconnected by a plot and smoothly transition from one to another. The creators ask not to listen to the tracks separately.

The album was recorded in collaboration with Sergei Zhadan, Evgeniy Yanovich, the groups “Heitspeach” and NAZVA, Elena Kravets, Sergei Martynyuk and other artists. Each of the artists personified one or another image of that era.

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