Housing subsidy: how to submit a simplified application through “Diya”

14 April 2024, 13:28 | Economy
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Ukrainians who cannot pay for utilities on their own can apply for a housing subsidy. Specialists of the “Legal Advisor for IDPs” provided an algorithm for submitting a simplified application using the “Diya” Portal, that is, online.

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How can you submit a simplified application for a subsidy on the Diya Portal?.

Go to the Portal "

Click the “Submit Application” button and log in using your electronic digital signature.

Answer the question “Do you have a designated subsidy for 2023 and 2024.

If not, the system will prompt you to choose which application you want to submit: simplified or extended.

Select the simplified application and click "

The system automatically generates information about the applicant. We check them and click “Next”.

Select the address where you want to receive the subsidy: at your declared place of residence; at place of residence/location as an IDP; at a different address. If you are filing an application for a subsidy at your actual place of residence, and not at your “registration”, you must indicate on what basis you live there: if it is a rental, you must add a scanned copy of the rental agreement; if individual construction - scanned copy of the housing document.

Select the service for which you want to receive a housing subsidy: housing and communal services (house management, gas, water supply and sewerage, electricity and heating); purchase of liquefied gas, solid and liquid heating household fuel.

Indicate the method of receiving the subsidy - fill in the IBAN of your bank account.

Provide information about all persons in the household and their family members.

Check and sign the application.

The Pension Fund of Ukraine body reports the decision made, as well as the established amount of the housing subsidy (if assigned), the reasons for refusal and the procedure for appealing it within three working days from the date of such decision in the personal account on the “Diya” Portal..

Let us remind you how the size of the subsidy may change in May. This is due to the end of the heating season.

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