The International Register of Losses will begin work in The Hague: how many applications will Ukrainians submit?

03 April 2024, 00:15 | Economy
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Today, the International Register of Losses will begin work in The Hague, where all Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression will be able to apply.. This statement was made by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal in a Telegram.

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“First of all, we start recording damaged or destroyed housing. Applications will be submitted through " In total, we expect up to 8 million applications from everyone who was affected by the war in one way or another,” he said..

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According to the head of government, in the housing segment alone, the Register will receive from 300 to 600 thousand. statements from victims.

Previously, we wrote that on April 2, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba will visit The Hague in the Netherlands, where he will take part in the conference “Restoring Justice for Ukraine” and will hold a number of bilateral meetings on the creation of a special tribunal for the Russian occupiers. In particular, he intends to discuss the Ukrainian “Formula of Peace”, as well as the results of documenting and investigating crimes committed by Russian military personnel in Ukraine.

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