In Ukraine, it is allowed to make non-critical errors in construction declarations: which ones?

31 January 2024, 22:16 | Economy
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Messages about the start of construction work and declarations of readiness of objects for operation may contain non-critical errors. Now specialists of the centers will independently make changes to the texts of applications from construction applicants, even if problems are identified during registration in the Unified State Electronic System in the field of construction. The Ministry of Digital Development reported on the corresponding centralized update of the functionality of the automated workstation in the central administrative centers. The ministry says that in this way they want to prevent numerous failures due solely to technical errors that do not affect the quality and content of services.

Exceptional cases when errors will not be grounds for refusal of a construction declaration.

The ministry named two key reasons when there will be no need to refuse declaration. First of all, this is a situation if the customer did not indicate the registration number of the taxpayer registration card (RNOKPP) or forgot to write information about the address of the construction site and details.

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Another technical error, according to the Ministry of Digital Development, is the identification of minor errors based on the results of the automated system of the Unified State Economic Security System.. “For example, an unacceptable class of consequences or type of work, there is no approved project documentation,” the Ministry of Digital Development notes in a statement.

How will this work and will they still submit incorrect declarations to the state architectural and construction control

Previously, if such deviations were noticed when submitting declarations, the documentation was sent to the state architectural and construction control body for response..

" This will significantly reduce the number of failures. And also record customers’ requests for services,” notes the Ministry of Digital Development in an explanation of the relevant changes.

As a result of the large-scale war started by Russia, the homes of many Ukrainians were destroyed or significantly damaged. To receive monetary compensation, citizens need to confirm ownership of real estate. Experts explained what documents confirm ownership of real estate.

In the article “A Window into the World of Corruption in the Construction Expertise Market,” Yuri Nikolov and Anna Soroka used real examples to explain how customers of construction work manage to legalize inflated prices in estimates and who can be primarily “thanked” for maintaining these corrupt practices.

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