Russia blocks the export of Ukrainian grain: a maximum of two ships a day are inspected

09 June 2023, 11:57 | Economy
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Although the Black Sea Grain Initiative was extended by 60 days on May 17, Russia continues to obstruct grain exports by deliberately slowing down checks and actively blocking some ships, UK Defense Intelligence Agency analysts say.

“Currently, only one to two ships are inspected a day, compared to six to eight in the fall of 2022,” experts point out..

According to them, Russia is thus trying to achieve concessions on the issue of resuming the operation of the Togliatti-Odessa pipeline, which exports ammonia from Russia through Ukraine, through Odessa..

“The situation is complicated by the fact that in recent days the pipeline has been damaged and is not working yet.. It is likely that Russian rhetoric and obstruction of the implementation of the grain agreement will continue in the weeks leading up to the next extension deadline of July 16, 2023..

Last protection Intelligence update on situation in Ukraine - 9 June 2023. Learn more about Defense Intelligence's use of language: https://t. co/eWGFZRqlcf? #StandWithUkraine? pic. twitter. com/1iCNxfO6qK.

— Ministry of Defense? (@DefenceHQ) June 9, 2023.

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Recall, Russia announced that it would block the passage of ships to the Ukrainian port Yuzhny until then, until Ukraine launches the Odessa-Tolyatti ammonia pipeline. Blocking occurs from the very beginning, the resumption of the grain deal on May 18.

The United Nations acknowledged that the effect of the grain agreement, allowing the safe export of grain and fertilizers from Ukrainian ports, does not work in full.

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