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08 June 2023, 16:48 | Economy
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On June 7, the Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy held a meeting at which they discussed with the National Bank the additional earnings of foreign exchangers on the so-called worn-out banknotes. This was announced by the head of the committee Danil Getmantsev.

According to Getmantsev, the exchanger may not accept a bill if it is significantly worn or damaged.. However, exchangers often do not accept paper money due to its wear and tear, even if the wear or damage is minimal..

At the same time, the NBU will revise the criteria for depreciation in the direction of mitigation.

Signs of slight wear and tear, in which banknotes are accepted, are regulated by the Decree of the National Bank No. 1 dated January 2, 2019.

In addition, no additional commission or other exchange rate can be applied for the acceptance of these bills.. In case of violation, you should contact the NBU.

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According to many experts, no significant changes in the cash exchange rate are expected in June. It will fluctuate in the range of May indicators, that is, at the level of 37-38 hryvnia per dollar.

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