Results 31. 05: The situation in Bakhmut and not yet a victory

01 June 2023, 11:09 | Incidents
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Zelensky held the Headquarters: Syrsky announced stabilization in Bakhmut. Separately, Commander of the Naval Forces Aleksey Neyezhpapa spoke about the protection of coastal infrastructure, the functioning of the grain corridor and other important issues. There were also reports from the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense with reports from commanders. Zelensky said that the commander of the Ground Forces Alexander Syrsky announced the stabilization of the situation in his area of \u200b\u200b\u200b\u200bresponsibility (the Bakhmut-Kremennaya line). Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has not yet lost the war. However, he warned that in fact the Russian dictator has not yet lost and will not lose until his army is driven back to the Ukrainian borders of 1991.. The politician noted that Russia is both mobilizing people and putting the economy into war mode. The head of Poland stressed that today the common duty of the Western community is to support Ukraine. Named the number of Ukrainian hostages in Russia As of the end of May, the aggressor country Russia illegally holds about 27 thousand Ukrainian civilian hostages. Such data were announced by the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets. He noted that during the start of a full-scale war of conquest by Russia against Ukraine, about 700,000 children lived in the now occupied territories.. He also emphasized that how many of them are now left in the temporarily occupied territory, and how many were taken to the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine does not know. Ukraine received another financial aid from the US Ukraine received $1.25 billion from the US. financial support under the World Bank PEACE project. The funds will be used to support the state budget, in particular, social and humanitarian spending. One of the most modern infantry fighting vehicles will be in defense of Ukraine The Ukrainian Defense Forces will receive CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles from Sweden, which are in service with some NATO member states. Ukrainian crews are already completing training to master them. The Saeima of Latvia elected Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics as the country's new president In the third round of elections, Rinkevics's candidacy was supported by 52 deputies, against 35 votes. In an address to the Seimas, the newly elected president thanked those parliamentarians who supported him and those who voted against, and promised to do everything in his power for the security, unity and prosperity of the country and to work closely with the Seimas and the government. The President of Moldova announced that she is running for a second term Moldovan President Maia Sandu confirmed plans to run for a new presidential term in the presidential elections in 2024 and expressed her hope for Moldova's accession to the European Union by 2030. Among her top priorities, she named the fight against corruption and the implementation of economic reforms.. Xi Jinping urged national security chiefs to prepare for 'worst-case' scenarios. This is needed as the ruling Communist Party of China steps up efforts to counter internal and external threats.. The head of China also called on the state to continue developing the national security risk monitoring and early warning system, improve education in this area, improve the security of data management and artificial intelligence..

The UN said that a number of countries are facing famine. This is stated in the report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP). According to experts, in Sudan, Burkina Faso, Haiti and Mali, the threat of famine is inevitable, and in the near future Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen may be on this list.. News on Telegram. Subscribe to our channel https://t. me/korrespondentnet Author: 1.

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