Results 24. 04: Battles for Bakhmut and new priorities

25 April 2023, 10:14 | Incidents
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Zelensky explained why Ukraine cannot leave Bakhmut. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to him, if Russian troops capture Bakhmut, it can become a springboard for their offensive against Kramatorsk and Slavyansk.. In turn, the commander of the Eastern Group of Forces, Colonel-General Alexander Syrsky, said that the Ukrainian military in the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk region, not only conduct defensive operations, but also actively counterattack, which makes it possible for our forces to destroy the best enemy units and gain time. According to him, the enemy does not leave the goal to cordon off Bakhmut and uses all possible forces and means for this, up to the total destruction of the city.. The European Union named priority countries for cooperation The European Union named Brazil, Chile, Nigeria and Kazakhstan priority countries for progressive development and further cooperation. It is also noted that the " The EU is ready to change its position towards China The EU foreign ministers will discuss a strategy for further relations with China. EU High Representative Josep Borrell. He noted that the reason was the statement of the Chinese ambassador about the right to sovereignty and the existence of countries that were part of the Soviet Union.. The United States has reduced the level of its representation in the UN Security Council The United States has reduced the level of its representation in the UN Security Council during the Russian presidency. The United States will now send lower-ranking diplomats than an ambassador to the meeting. Kuleba said that he would return normal life to Europe The defeat of the aggressor country Russia in the war is a guarantee of a normal life in Europe. This was stated by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba during the Council of EU Foreign Ministers. He also called for speeding up the supply of weapons to Ukraine and removing all bureaucratic obstacles along the way.. Kuleba stressed that in the short term, Ukraine needs to provide more armored vehicles, artillery systems, long-range artillery and ammunition, air defense, combat aviation, urgent training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to Hungary's statement about the " Ukraine has the sovereign right to freely choose means of security. He stressed that Ukraine does not need Russia's permission to become a member of the Alliance and there are " Estonian Prime Minister arrived in Zhytomyr and said that Ukraine should be in NATO and the EU Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas, at a briefing with President Vladimir Zelensky in Zhytomyr, said that the guarantee of Europe's security is Ukraine's membership in NATO and the European Union. Estonia hopes that Ukraine will be able to launch negotiations on EU membership in 2023. Zelensky said that the Alliance needs to make a positive political decision on Ukraine's entry, since reliable security in Europe " Iran supplied Russia with more than 300,000 shells and a million rounds of ammunition in six months. The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed officials in the Middle East, says supply data was shared with the US. According to the interlocutors of journalists, the last batch of Iranian weapons for Russia was sent in early March aboard the Russian cargo ship Rasul Gamzatov.. Due to armed clashes in Sudan, the EU evacuated its diplomats The EU evacuated 21 of its people and many more citizens of (country) and the European Union from Sudan. Among the evacuees were the wounded. At the same time, the EU ambassador continues to work in the country. In turn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is taking active measures to evacuate citizens from Sudan. In particular, a list of people who have expressed a desire to leave the country has been formed, logistics routes and security aspects are being worked out.. The Cabinet of Ministers supplemented the resolution on license plates of vehicles Now license plates are prohibited " Scientists say that the size of Russia is exaggerated. In addition, scientists have proven that the real area of \u200b\u200bRussia is also smaller than it was known..

According to scientists, this is due to the Mercator projection, which is most often found in classes and textbooks on geography.. It was created back in 1596 by the geographer Gerard Mercator and has the effect of the so-called distortion of the world map.. Schoolgirls from Ukraine won the European Mathematical Olympiad among girls. According to Professor of Shevchenko National University Bogdan Rublev, who accompanied the team to Slovenia, Ukrainians are in the top ten best mathematicians in the world. News on Telegram. Subscribe to our channel https://t. me/korrespondentnet Author: 1.

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