NATO told whether there is now a military threat to Moldova from the Russian Federation

01 July 2022, 16:24 | Peace
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NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoane said that the Russian Federation does not have sufficient forces to pose a military threat to Moldova. He said this in an interview with Moldova 1.

According to him, Russia is trying to destabilize Moldova, but it does not have the military potential to connect with the Transnistrian region..

“Today we do not see elements of military concern, we are very clear about this, there are no fears for the Republic of Moldova. Russia does not have a military potential, but there are elements of pressure, destabilization, statements and threats after the good news from Brussels, obviously, they are in the focus of our attention,” said Joane.

He added that the NATO assistance package was agreed with the Moldovan government and is a response to the requests of the country's authorities, in particular regarding resistance to hybrid threats, cyber attacks and disinformation..

According to Joane, NATO will continue to play a stabilizing role at the regional level even without explicit agreements.


In addition, Joane stated that since Russia has disturbed the peace in Europe, the allied countries provide intelligence to Moldova when it needs specific information..

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Earlier it was reported that Moldova convened a meeting of the Security Council due to the situation in Pridnestrovie. Russia announced plans for Pridnestrovie, in particular, on April 22. The Russians plan not only to establish a land corridor to the Crimea, but also to break through an exit to the unrecognized "

The Moldovan authorities are negotiating with the EU countries regarding the equipment of the Moldovan army.

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