From May 22, Lithuania will not receive gas, oil and electricity from Russia

21 May 2022, 09:15 | Peace
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From Sunday, May 22, Lithuania will no longer receive gas, oil and electricity from Russia. This was stated by Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivis, who stressed that his country is trying to get rid of any energy dependence on the Russian Federation as soon as possible..

A message appeared on the official website of the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy, stating that in addition to the previously announced refusal of Russian fuel, the country will also stop importing electricity from the Russian Federation.

“This is a very important milestone not only on Lithuania’s path to energy independence. This is an expression of our solidarity with Ukraine. We must stop funding the Russian war machine,” said Kreyvis.

In addition, the Minister noted that in the near future Lithuania expects to cover the lion's share of electricity needs through green energy and export it abroad..

Recall that Lithuania provides itself with gas at the expense of the LNG terminal in Klaipeda, which receives fuel from the United States. As for electricity, part of it is produced by local power plants, and part is imported from the EU countries - Sweden, Latvia and Poland.

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Earlier it was reported that Germany will replace Russian gas with Qatari, also accelerating the process of abandoning Russian energy sources..

Despite sanctions, Russia imports oil, gas and coal around the world without any problems. This conclusion was reached by experts from the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research (CREA), after analyzing data on the supply of fossil fuels from the Russian Federation over the past two months.. We publish, and Lauri Millivirta and Konstantin Krinitsky describe the research "

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