Until September, the forces of the Russian Federation will decline and Ukraine will have enough potential to force them out - Be

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In late summer or early autumn, Russian forces will be in decline, and Ukraine will have enough counteroffensive potential to push the enemy at least to the line of engagement on February 23. This was stated by the former commander of the US Ground Forces in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges in an interview with Voice of America..

“There are still many challenges ahead, but none of this can be called a victory for Russia, given the goals the Kremlin set for itself.. To be honest, I don't think Russia can keep doing what they're doing indefinitely.. I think the culmination will come somewhere at the end of the summer, when they run out of people, ammunition and the will to fight, ”said Hodges..

He explained that the occupiers failed to achieve all their goals. In particular, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has shown itself as a corrupt institution, and their soldiers as killers using weapons against civilian objects..

“Then Putin even gave an honorary guards title to the brigade involved in the murder of civilians in Bucha. So I don't think they have anything to celebrate. It is clear that they seized the territory, causing huge damage to the economy of Ukraine. They are blocking grain exports,” Hodges said..

At the same time, according to analytical media, the Russian Federation spends $900 million daily on the war against Ukraine.. According to Ben Hodges, the forces of the aggressor country will decline in a few months.

“With such battles, losses of ammunition and soldiers, I think that by the end of summer - the end of August, the beginning of September, Russian forces will fall into decay, and Ukraine will have sufficient potential to launch a counteroffensive.. To squeeze Russian forces back at least to the 23 February line. I think it will happen before September,” summed up Hodges..

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Recently, Russian troops have reduced the scale of their operations in Ukraine.. The Pentagon said that this indicates a decrease in the ambitions of the enemy..

British intelligence data suggests that in recent weeks Russia has sacked a number of top commanders who are believed to have performed poorly in the initial stages of the invasion of Ukraine.. In particular, among the suspended lieutenant-general Sergey Kisel, who commanded the elite 1st Guards Tank Army, who could not capture Kharkov.

According to The Guardians, citing Western military sources, Vladimir Putin is personally involved in the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine, since he makes operational and tactical decisions "

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