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01 February 2022, 04:35 | Peace
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Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said that the current political situation in Europe is the most tense since World War II, PAP reports..

Rau, at a joint conference with Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets, said that it is necessary to maintain unity within NATO in the face of a military threat from Russia.


According to him, if current trends continue, the concentration of Russian troops in Belarus will continue to grow..

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The Russian Federation continues to keep a hundred thousandth army near the borders of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin is trying to use blackmail as a "

In Europe and the United States, they do not exclude that the actions of the Russian leader may not be just a bluff.

The United States, Great Britain, the Baltic countries, Sweden and others are ready to help Ukraine with weapons and equipment. Britain and Latvia also announced their readiness to send their military to Ukraine.

The United States and NATO countries are strengthening the eastern flank of the Alliance, transferring military personnel and equipment there. Preparation of tough sanctions against Russia continues.

Will Putin decide on open aggression Vladimir Kravchenko explains in the article “Will Putin invade Ukraine from Belarus? » to ZN. U.A..

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