The Russian Orthodox Church may cancel autocephaly for attempts to seize foreign territories, already traditional for the Russia

28 January 2022, 00:06 | Peace
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Last year, the Russian Orthodox Church decided to take revenge on the Ecumenical Patriarch for recognizing the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and created its own exarchate in Africa. However, not on an independent territory, but on the canonical territory of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. The local patriarch reacted immediately and called on the Ecumenical Patriarch to convene the Synaxis of the Pentarchy to condemn the actions of the Russian Orthodox Church, reports Lb. ua.

“It cannot be said that the trial of the Pentarchy over the Russian Orthodox Church or its patriarch is something unprecedented.. No, this has already happened in history. In 1666. 4 Eastern patriarchs condemned the head of the MP Nikon. Therefore, it will not be possible to declare that the Pentarchy does not have the authority to judge Cyril. The historical precedent was already over its predecessor..

There are three main scenarios for the consequences for the ROC.

Condemnation of grassroots performers.

The blow will be directed at those who agree to implement the decision of the ROC, that is, who will go and serve in Africa and create parallel structures there. This is a clear violation of the rules.

This option is the most likely, because it is even somewhat beneficial for Russia. After all, there are, recalls the publication, " The same Metropolitan Luka of Zaporozhye, on whose telegram channel there is just some kind of portal to hell, or Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeev, whom Patriarch Bartholomew directly accused of lying"

Such a scenario allows you to release a couple in a bilateral relationship and, without breaking pots, find space for dialogue..

Condemnation of Church Leadership.

First of all, Patriarch Kirill will receive a “blow” in this option, followed by Metropolitan Onufry and the entire Synod of the Russian Church. However, the current ROC will do as always - it simply does not recognize the decision. Kirill is already strengthening the defense against this scenario. He said that part of Orthodoxy would soon go into schism. That is, this is how he will interpret the trial of him. Like, he is for the truth, and those who are against him are schismatics.

Reviews Orosov 1590 and 1593, which recognized Russian autocephaly and proclaimed the Moscow Patriarchate.

As a result, the Russian patriarch turns into an archbishop, automatically reducing his place in the Diptych from 5th to 10th or 12th place. This will lead to general perturbations in the Diptych. In addition, the question of the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church will arise.. It is recognized as of the end of the 16th century - that is, within the limits of the Muscovite state during the time of Ivan the Terrible.

Without the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Far East, the European Union, North and South America and, of course, Africa.

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Recall that the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) Anna Bogdanova said that the task of the leadership of the Russian Federation should be the subjugation of other peoples and the seizure of the territories of other countries. The church, according to Bogdanova, should “consecrate” the enthralled territories.

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