“The Kremlin has not learned the lessons of history” – British Foreign Minister compared the possible Russian invasion of Ukrain

21 January 2022, 13:21 | Peace
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Russia's invasion of Ukraine will have the same horrific consequences in terms of human cost as the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss said during her speech in Sydney. According to the BBC, she accused Russia of wanting to recreate the Soviet Union and urged Vladimir Putin to abandon these ideas..

The Kremlin has not learned the lessons of history. They dream of recreating the Soviet Union or something like a great Russia, dividing the territory based on ethnicity and language.. They claim they want stability while they work to threaten and destabilize others,” Truss said, adding that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine would only lead to “a terrible swamp and loss of life, as we know from the Soviet-Afghan war and.

She recalled that in parallel, Russia will face serious economic difficulties due to the most severe sanctions, so the Kremlin must “hold on and retreat from Ukraine before it makes a huge strategic mistake”.

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Earlier this week, Britain announced it was providing Ukraine with additional troops for training and defensive weapons.. So, on January 18, a batch of international military aid from Great Britain for the Ukrainian army arrived in Ukraine, which includes complexes of Swedish portable anti-tank guided missiles NLAW. Earlier it was reported that Ukraine will receive additional investment from the United Kingdom in the amount of 1 billion. pounds.

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