The United States directly accused Russia of distorting history

20 January 2022, 23:27 | Peace
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The U.S. State Department released a statement pointing to examples that the U.S. believes clearly point to systematic disinformation by Russia.. Including encroachments on historical facts - "

When history does not align with the Kremlin's political goals, Russian officials and forces under their control deny historical events or distort historical narratives in an attempt to portray Russia in a better light and serve its domestic and geopolitical agenda..

The document mentions Russia's distorted reference to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939, the history of Ukrainian statehood, NATO actions during the collapse of the USSR, the Gulag, the famine in Ukraine in the 1930s.

In addition, Russia was convicted of the fact that the country abruptly becomes an “innocent victim” when it comes to the aggressive actions of this country, for example, against Ukraine..

Other accusations by the State Department include Moscow's "

If a popular movement is pro-democracy and pro-reform and does not serve Russian geopolitical interests, then the Kremlin often attacks their legitimacy and claims that the United States is secretly behind them..

The State Department also said that the Russian authorities are resorting to the use of several false, sometimes contradictory, versions of what happened to hide the truth.. In this context, the State Department, in particular, refers to the story of the poisoning of former GRU colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in 2018..

“Russian military and intelligence agencies are involved in the functioning of the Russian ecosystem of disinformation and propaganda, including hostile operations on social networks, the overt and covert use of controlled Internet media, the introduction of disinformation into TV and radio programs, and the holding of conferences to influence it..

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Recall that the US Embassy in Ukraine filmed a comic video on Halloween, where it scared the audience with Russian disinformation.

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