Roberta Metzola became the new President of the European Parliament: what is known about her

20 January 2022, 08:02 | Peace
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Politician from Malta Roberta Metzola has become the new President of the European Parliament. Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba greeted її on Twitter.


Mezola is recognized for the planting of the head of the ЄP at its 43rd day of birth, it will replace David Sassoli, who recently died, on this plantation. The term for the renewal of the latest European Parliament funding until 2024.

Metzola as a member of the Maltese Nationalist Party, as a member of the center-right group of the European People's Party. Vaughn could not apply to the European Parliament, but in 2013 she still took away the European mandate and grew up to plant the first vice-president of the European Parliament in 2020.

DW write that її being recognized for the landing was obvious, the shards won out with honor in different party stakes and that they were able to " At the same time, Metsolu is criticized by European politicians for supporting abortion prevention.

In the spring of 2021, Metzola sharply criticized MEP Alfred Santa, who called out to the EU to be less confrontational from Russia, advised the Times of Malta.

At that time, the Russian Federation was at the epicenter of three scandals - the expansion of the military cordon in Ukraine, the prison term for the oppositionist Oleksiy Navalny, and the organization of vibukha by the Russian special services in warehouses near the Czech Republic.

Metsola todi called the words of Santa " Vaughn meant that one word was lulled the same day, if the Russian Federation launched sanctions against EU top politicians.

" This is a blow to everyone who does not deserve justice and respects the rights of people,"

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