In the Russian Federation suddenly decided to check the combat readiness of the troops

14 January 2022, 13:39 | Peace
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Against the backdrop of the pulling of Russian troops to the Ukrainian border in the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation, a check of the combat readiness of units suddenly began, write RosSMI. The Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country claims that this is allegedly preparation for the strategic command and staff exercises "

It is indicated that in the designated areas, the Russian military should work out "

At the same time, it is planned to bring units and military units to the highest degree of combat readiness with access to concentration areas. In addition, the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country stated that "

“The ongoing activities will make it possible to assess the readiness of the troops of the Eastern Military District to carry out tasks for their intended purpose after regrouping over long distances across the territory of the Russian Federation,” the Russian ministry said..

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Just a few days ago, Russia announced another exercise near the border with Ukraine. In particular, in the Voronezh, Belgorod, Bryansk and Smolensk regions, 3,000 military personnel take part in firing exercises.. Also, the press service of the Western Military District of the Russian Federation announced the use of 300 units of military equipment. In particular, we are talking about T-72B3 tanks, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, as well as regular small arms..

Russia presented the West with a real ultimatum - drafts of two agreements, one with the United States, one with NATO - on some kind of " In Moscow, they drew their own “formula of the new world” and believe that the rest of the world should accept it.

The West could have put forward its ultimatums to Russia both in 2008 and 2014, but did not. Lost initiative on the grand chessboard costs the players dearly just a few moves later.. Will the West make concessions to Russia in 2022 Read more in Sergei Korsunsky's article "

Read about the positive and negative results of the consultations in Geneva in the article by Alexei Izhak “Will Putin withdraw troops from Ukraine after negotiations with the United States?

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