WHO calls Omicron a serious form of coronavirus

07 January 2022, 17:59 | Peace
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The World Health Organization (WHO) declares that the Omicron coronavirus strain does not belong to the category of so-called "

This is reported on the WHO website.

According to experts, despite the fact that "


The wave of Omicron coronavirus infection is so large and fast that it affects healthcare systems around the world.

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Earlier, the World Health Organization noted that scientists are finding more and more evidence that the new Omicron coronavirus strain has milder symptoms and lower mortality compared to other strains of COVID-19..

It is noted that, despite the fact that the number of new cases of "

The world is facing a tsunami of infections with both the Delta strain, the predominant variant in recent months, and the omicron, said Maria Van Kerkhove, head of emerging diseases at the World Health Organization..

The emergence of a new strain of coronavirus is a new challenge not only for the health care of Ukraine, but for the whole of humanity. What kind of fruit " UA.

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