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19 November 2016, 19:22 | Peace
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In the Polish city of Krakow ceremony of the enthronement of Jesus Christ as King of the Polish state.

This was reported by Gazeta. pl.

The ceremony of the enthronement of Jesus Christ made in the Temple of God's mercy in the presence of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda and many pilgrims.

Otmechaetsya that intronizatsionnye movement began in the territory of the Polish state in the mid-90s of the last century, in 1996, after the process was initiated beatification nurse Rosalie Tselakuvny. In Tselakuvny texts it was found a note in which it was emphasized that Jesus Christ spoke to the nurse to recognize his "King and Lord completely by the enthronement of" the territory of Poland. Then, according to the note, Poland will be saved.

Earlier, the Polish episcopate considered the idea of ??

enthronement of Christ the King of Poland, not only illusory, but also quite dangerous. However, after a few years the Polish episcopate still decided to carry out the ceremony.

Note that the current, 2016-the first year is very important for Poland from the religious point of view - 1050 years ago, the country was baptized. The adoption of the Act is confined to this important date, which was massively celebrated in April this year.

As reported by the "Observer", Polish President Kaczynski's body reburied.

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