How Britain trains Ukrainian soldiers

30 June 2022, 21:37 | Policy
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Britain is training several hundred Ukrainian soldiers to handle new weapons it is supplying to Kyiv to fight Russian aggression.

According to the BBC, training began a few weeks ago at a British Army base in Wiltshire, southwest England..

Ukrainians are learning to use British multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) with a range of more than 80 km.

Britain, judging by open information, will supply Ukraine with three such modern systems.

The United Kingdom also purchased 50 howitzers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Light model L119 can hit targets at a distance of up to 12 km.

British and New Zealand soldiers who conduct training are impressed by the willingness of Ukrainian soldiers to learn.

" They rarely rest,"

" How to act faster, how to move faster, how to use weapons? There is a lot of emphasis on speed."

Together with New Zealand captain Jonathan Dick, Bullock teaches troops how to use the L119 howitzer.

“We definitely see a high degree of motivation and dedication of these guys, who are loyal to the idea of \u200b\u200b\u200b\u200bdefending Ukraine,” says Dick.

Russian artillery greatly outnumbers Ukrainian artillery both in number and in terms of equipment. Kyiv does not stop asking the West for new weapons.

Western heavy artillery has already begun to reach Ukraine, although in smaller numbers than Kyiv requested. Training the military also takes time.

The transition to Western weapons became even more important after the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to run out of stocks of artillery shells made in the USSR. NATO countries use shells of other calibers.

Captain Dick considers the L119 howitzer with 105 mm shells to be a very effective weapon.


Dick believes that the L119 will fill the sample " "

Ukrainian soldiers arrived in Britain already experienced artillerymen. The head of the American Joint Staff, Mark Milley, called them first-class shooters..

They had many opportunities to hone their skills.. According to the Ukrainian military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine today spend 5-6 thousand artillery shells per day in the battle for Donbass.

The Russian military spent somewhere 10 times more.

For Ukrainian soldiers, this is not a baptism by fire, but a transition to new weapons.

They went through five days of training, after which they conducted maneuvers using combat ammunition on Salisbury Plain..

Training to work with RZSO took more time.

RZSO is the most modern long-range weapon of the British army - it is similar to the American HIMARS systems, which are already used in Ukraine.

It usually takes five weeks to train an RZSO crew commander, but Ukrainians are trained in three.

At the same time, they learn not only the use of new systems, but also their maintenance..

Captain of the Royal Artillery James Oliphant is confident that the RZSO will seriously change the balance of power on the battlefield.


In addition, Oliphant adds, the RZSO fires missiles that "

Despite the language barrier, Oliphant says, the British gunners found common ground with the Ukrainians, who already had experience using their own rocket launchers..

Ukrainian soldiers got used to British equipment after a while, Olifant says.

Now Western instructors do not need to lead the process directly - the Ukrainian military is in command of the crew, "

Ukrainians grateful for new weapons and training.

Many of them fought for their country and their lives before going to Britain, and all will continue to fight when they return..

" My soldiers are still out there at war. I can't stop thinking about them,"

Another tells of the deadly weariness he experienced in the war.

" We are strong, we are powerful,"

In reality, the war cannot be won with one new weapon..

Especially if it comes in such limited quantities.. Ukrainian authorities are asking for 300 RZSO.

The US, Britain and Germany are still giving less than a dozen, although the volume of supplies may increase.

West says it will support Ukraine in the long run. Today, there are hundreds of Ukrainian Armed Forces training in Britain, but tomorrow it could be thousands.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposes to train 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers every month.

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