Vitaly Portnikov: The Peninsula of the Hostages

29 November 2018, 00:38 | Policy
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Ukrainian patriots, imprisoned for only hanging the flag of the country, an integral part of which is the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, to the Crimean Tatar activists, who are persecuted only for defending the rights of the indigenous people, are now added by Ukrainian sailors.

They are accused of violating the state border, which does not even exist from the point of view of Russian legislation, agreements between Russia and Ukraine and international maritime law..

All these people are not just prisoners.. They are hostages of the occupation regime, which can prove its legitimacy only by accumulating them in Crimean prisons. It could not be otherwise - the occupier remembers well that he is an occupier, and with each new day after the unrecognized annexation, his nervousness increases, his desire to prove to everyone that he is the boss here - on land and sea - increases. And how to prove it otherwise, except by demonstrating dull strength and increasing repression?.

But if you think about it, but perhaps only prisoners are hostages? Isn’t the whole population of Crimea not hostage to the invaders - regardless of political views? Yesterday they were looking at the records in social networks, today they are looking at the Ukrainian passports of Crimeans, which they will “look at” tomorrow, in order to prevent dissatisfaction with “second-class citizens” who were taken to the military base and which they still do not trust - and never will not be trusted because they have lived in a free country for too long, and not under Putin?.

Are the most active participants in the annexation not hostages? Is it not enough in prisons and prisons of Crimean officials accused of corruption?

They thought that treason was an indulgence for the rest of their lives, but it turned out that nobody needs them in someone else’s corruption vertical, except the investigator. So are the current Crimean favorites: today - on the screen, tomorrow - in the Siberian colony, simply because some guard will ask the host Crimea.

So Crimea and turned into a large prison with guards at Perekop and the Black Sea Fleet ships instead of guard dogs. In the peninsula hostages.


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