There is no Russian-Ukrainian conflict!

27 November 2018, 20:54 | Policy
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By the way. I have long wanted to say. Here and again the case turned up. Dear colleagues from Russian editions. I mean journalists, of course, not propagandists. Air Force, Radio Liberty, Voice of America, and the remaining single.

Stop it, damn it, use the bastard word "conflict" in your articles.

In English, perhaps the word "conflict" and you can stick to any context.

But in Russian the word "conflict" refers only to the situation when mutual claims make TWO sides. Do you understand? Two.

You can’t say "Hitler’s conflict with the Jews". You can only say the Holocaust.

You can not say "the conflict between the NKVD and Meyerhold". You can only say repression.

You can't say "The conflict between Trotsky and the peasants". You can only say the Holodomor.

You can't say "Stalin and Polish officers conflict". You can only say Katyn.

Chikatilo had no conflict with Elena Zakotnova. It was a maniac killing nine year old girl.

Lom-Ali Gaitukayev had no conflict with Anna Poliktovskaya. It was a contract killing.

There was no German-Polish conflict. There was an occupation of Poland by Germany.

There was no Russian-Georgian conflict. Was the occupation of Georgia by Russia.

And there is no Russian-Ukrainian conflict!

Ukraine in modern history has never had any territorial claims to Russia! Never!.

There is only the occupation of Ukraine by Russia.

Only. An occupation. Attack. The most despicable, most bastard of all the attacks of this Mordor.

You are welcome. Go to hell with your "conflict in the Kerch Strait" Family quarrel still name, bl * d.

Cute homemade squabble.

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