Representative of Ukraine to the UN: three out of six wounded Ukrainian sailors were seriously damaged

27 November 2018, 00:36 | Policy
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One of the Ukrainian sailors who were injured yesterday as a result of an attack by the Russian military is in critical condition.. This was announced at the meeting of the UN Security Council by the permanent representative of Ukraine Vladimir Yelchenko..

"Ukrainian ships Berdyansk and Nikopol seized by special forces of the FSB of Russia. Six Ukrainian sailors were injured. Three seriously injured. Previously, one person is in critical condition ", - said Yelchenko, who quotes liga. net.

According to him, the Ukrainian side has audio recordings of negotiations between the Russian military and the base in Kerch: "There is an interception of conversations. These records show that Russian boats received orders to attack when Ukrainian ships began to sail from the Kerch Strait.. And this is an order to shoot to kill. All these records I have here ".

Yelchenko read several intercepted quotes.

For example, the negotiations of the base in Kerch and the Russian ship Emerald: "Hands up, hands up, all aboard hands up. Hand over the weapon. We will shoot to kill ".

Yelchenko said that the fire on the Ukrainian ships opened the Russian ship Emerald. "They could not do this without a direct order from the command. The Ukrainian side did not understand what was happening. And then the command of the Ukrainian ship asked who gave the order to shoot. And they answered on the Emerald: it was us, "the representative of Ukraine said.

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