I will never be a slave again

23 November 2018, 08:16 | Policy
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To say that the Maidan has changed my life is to say nothing. Steeper human life can only be changed directly by death, but I still have no destiny..

Not a day, not a minute, not a second never regretted anything.

One of the best days of my life.

Ukraine succeeded in not being able to. None! All the countries of Eastern Europe and those of Western Europe that fell under the imperial heel, managed to escape from it only when the empire itself began to fall apart.. Poland, GDR, Finland, the Baltic countries, the Caucasus - broke out only when the empire became weak. Ukraine is the only one who escaped from Mordor at the peak of its next take-off to power.

The only ones in Europe.

The only ones in the world.

No one. Could not. To make. Thats. What could. we.

In those days, an incredible community of completely unique people gathered on that planet.. These were the best people I met in my life.. Not for sausage. For freedom. For dignity.

People were ready to die for their human dignity.. And died. And won.

And when, after this, I encounter another paroxysm of mensheartiousness, I change my mind like a fingernail on glass.

Once again: None. Could not. To make. Togo. What could. we.

Do you regret it? After all, could now relatively normal and satisfying.

You still do not understand, my friend. I was born a slave. In the Empire. And all life was a slave.

And only there, in the fourth ten, gained its dignity.

And I will never be a slave again.

Now go. We have nothing to talk about anymore..

How wonderful someone said yesterday in the tape - I cannot explain to you the meaning of the revolution of dignity, if you do not understand what dignity is.

During the two months I spent on the Maidan, I am ready to give another five years of fear, harassment, pressure, refugees, shootings, bunkers and special operations.

Spit. I already won.

I THEN already won.


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