Vitaly Portnikov: Russia rehabilitates aggression

23 November 2018, 07:36 | Policy
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In the Russian State Duma they are preparing to revise the resolution of the Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR on the Afghan war, adopted in 1989.

This congressional decision was one of the most important acts of Gorbachev's restructuring - because it gave a fair assessment of the crimes of the communist regime, blamed the members of the Brezhnev political bureau for the occupation of Afghanistan, the escalation of the military conflict in this country, the death of hundreds of thousands of people - peaceful Afghans, resistance fighters, Soviet military and soldiers of the army puppet regime. The decision of the congress created not only opportunities to stop the participation of the USSR in the conflict, it made it possible to recall the Soviet military victims of the conflict, although no official apologies were made to the Afghan people.. Nevertheless, it was also important: before perestroika it was forbidden to remember the killed Soviet citizens and their compatriots only shyly averted their eyes when they saw another funeral in a zinc coffin.

Realization of the truth was not easy for the society at that time, the majority of the congress deputies were hounding academician Andrei Sakharov, who was not afraid to call the invasion of Afghanistan an occupation and a crime. However, these deputies were not just communists, they were, by definition, Professor Yuri Afanasyev "aggressively obedient majority" who defended the Soviet version of events. Nevertheless, even this aggressively obedient majority, this assembly “put up with” with deputy badges, had to face the truth.

Now the other aggressively obedient majority, the Duma, will override their decision.. Special hearings were held in the Duma, and in February 2019, by the 30th anniversary of the occupation, a new decree will be adopted - of course, a justifying decision to invade. Scoundrels from the Duma explain this with "respect for the memory" of the dead soldiers.. But respect for memory and evaluation of the decisions of the Soviet leadership are different things.. Yes, and you need to respect not only the memory of Soviet soldiers, but also the memory of the Afghans killed by them, who defended their homeland from a cruel enemy. And this is not to mention the fact that after the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan for many decades turned into a "wild field" and still can not return to peaceful life.

It is also strange that the State Duma wants to cancel the decision of the Allied Congress - although it has no authority to do so.. But this creates a precedent.. Most of the decisions that formalized the collapse of the USSR were taken by the Allied authorities, the USSR State Council and the USSR Supreme Soviet..

If the State Duma considers itself entitled to cancel the decisions of the deputy congress, at which the deputies from Russia did not even constitute a majority, then what will it blow tomorrow?.

So the preparation of this decision is not just an excuse for aggression 30 years ago, but the creation of a legal foundation for new aggressive actions.. The criminal Putin regime is trying to grab the hand of the scoundrels of the Brezhnev era and sanctify their killings in order to continue their own.


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