Who in the GPU will investigate the murders on the Maidan

13 July 2018, 01:03 | Policy
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The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko signed an order on "organizational changes in the structure and staffing of the GPU," according to which four departments of the department were liquidated. Among them - the Department of Special Investigations, whose employees conducted cases of murders on the Maidan during protests in the winter of 2014. The Department was established in 2015 at the request of the relatives of the victims.

According to the press service of the GPU, changes in the structure of this organization were due to the new Code of Criminal Procedure. They are aimed at distinguishing between units that carry out pre-trial investigation and procedural supervision of them. The department of special investigations is now created as an independent unit in the GPU, the press service said..

Simply put, the employees of the abolished department will be divided. Investigators will work in the management of special investigations, which was previously part of the department.

And the procedural leaders (prosecutors who support the state prosecution in the criminal cases of the Maidan) will be transferred to another structure of the GPU: the department for procedural guidance in criminal cases, under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation.

The main goal of the current changes in the GPU is to put under control the prosecutors, those who under the new CCP makes a decision to prosecute, suspend and close cases, believes the head of the liquidated department of special investigations Sergei Gorbatyuk. He noted that the Prosecutor General and his deputies repeatedly pressed on the department's employees and tried to illegally influence the investigation of the Maidan's cases, but they could not do it. Eliminating the same department, they remove this problem.

"Apparently, the management has not yet plundered and sold all the business, because we interfered with it. Now it will be easier, "- suggested Gorbatyuk. At the same time, he believes that the reorganization in the GPU has been carried out very skillfully, since all the responsibility for the continuation of the investigation of the Maidan's affairs now lies with the investigators and their leader, but they will not have real powers to continue the investigations, since prosecutors and their actions will be controlled from outside.

Gorbatyuk also said that before the liquidation of the department several high-profile cases of murders on Maidan, which he was investigating, the deputy prosecutor general tried to slow down - they did not sign the suspicion orders necessary to transfer cases to the court, tried to transfer investigations to other departments in order to monitor them.

However, all these, according to Gorbatyuk, illegal actions he and his team blocked through the courts, the National Agency for Combating Corruption or through complaints to the disciplinary commission of the GPU. Sergei Gorbatyuk is sure that the current reorganization in the GPU can not bring any benefit to the investigation of Maidan's cases: "We just tired of managing our response to his illegal actions".

Relatives of those killed in the Maidan are outraged by such actions of the Prosecutor General. They point out that the liquidation of the Department of Special Investigations and the divorce of investigators and prosecutors by various divisions will negatively affect the completion of investigations into the murders of their relatives in the winter of 2014 in the center of Kiev.

"Investigators and procedural leaders can not effectively coordinate their work if they are under different subordination. Such a dispersion of personnel will hit the cases, in particular, for those that have not yet been referred to the court, "points out Vladimir Bondarchuk, the son of Sergei Bondarchuk, who died in Maydan on Maydan. Now he heads the public organization "Families of heroes" Heavenly Hundreds ". According to Vladimir Bondarchuk, it was the families of the victims who achieved in 2015 that Maidan's affairs were dealt with by a separate pool of investigators and prosecutors, and their coordinated work yielded results.

According to the register of proceedings for crimes related to impeding the holding of peaceful protests in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine in the winter of 2013-2014, investigators and prosecutors of the department suspected 282 persons. The court handed over 63 indictments on 135 suspects. According to the results of trials, 16 people were found guilty of committing criminal offenses.

The advocacy group, which includes the lawyers of the victims and relatives of the victims on the Maidan sound alarm - the current changes in the GPU, in their opinion, will destroy the single coordinating center of investigations and its strategy, level the achievements of previous years and for a long time stop or even bring to naught the majority of investigations.

"Gorbatyuk and his team were the biggest problem for the" drain "of the Maidan cases. Now the work of prosecutors will be blocked and monitored by their new leaders, and without prosecutors, it is impossible to continue the investigation, "states attorney Vitaly Tytych.

He believes that by eliminating the Department of Special Investigations, the leadership of the GPU was able to get rid of the disloyal subordinate and inconvenient investigators and prosecutors.

Tyutych is convinced that from now on the investigation of criminal cases of murders on the Maidan will be suspended, and the leadership of the GPU will be responsible for his failure on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the bloody events on Maydan, on Sergei Gorbatyuk and his subordinates.

Meanwhile, the press secretary of Yuriy Lutsenko, Larisa Sargan, said that persons who held positions in the liquidated GPU structures will take appropriate posts in new. Including Sergei Gorbatyuk, who now instead of the department can head the department for special investigations.

Source: DW.

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