The US Congress adopted a very important resolution on Ukraine and NATO

12 July 2018, 10:50 | Policy
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Both parties in the House of Representatives of the US Congress agreed that the country should continue to support the Eastern European countries and NATO - especially against the background of Russia's aggression. This was reported by the embassy of Ukraine in the US on their own Facebook.

"The document, in particular, condemns the unconcealed, large-scale and continuing violation of the Helsinki principles on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine by Russia," the embassy said, referring to the resolution adopted in the Congress.

It also supports the US policy of maintaining US sanctions against the Russian Federation for the occupation of the Crimea - "until the restoration of Ukraine's sovereignty over the peninsula," and there is a need to extend the measures "until Russia fully implements the Minsk accords".

In addition, US lawmakers supported and encouraged the "democratic aspirations of the peoples of the region," including Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

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