Israeli rocket "Patriot" shot down an enemy UAV over the Kinneret

12 July 2018, 01:22 | Policy
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Four hours after, the Syrian UAV was shot down over the territory of Israel, the IDF press service published a video that captured this moment.

At 15:33, the Patriot missile defense battery fired a missile over a unmanned aerial vehicle that penetrated Israel from Syria.

The launch of the missile led to the operation of a warning system on missile attacks by Tzeva Adom in the Golan Heights and in the regional council of Emek a-Yarden.

Later, the army press service reported that the drone was shot down after it had penetrated into the interior of Israel for about 10 km. Within 15 minutes the air defense forces observed his flight. At this stage, the military already knew that they were dealing with an apparatus for collecting intelligence, and he did not carry explosives.

The press service also noted that the drone flew through the airspace of Jordan.

Source: newsru. co. il.

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