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12 July 2018, 00:45 | Policy
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Attorney General Yuri Lutsenko spoke publicly about the theft of budget money that regional administrations received to build defensive structures in the Donbas, setting the task for the military prosecutor's office to find those involved in the fact that the platoon strongholds do not meet the technical specifications and do not protect the fighters properly.

And last fall, he called the first officials who are suspected.

But, as it became known "Censor. NO ", the military prosecutor's office of the United forces has been conducting searches in the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense in the last two months and they are directly related to the construction of these structures.

We decided to find out the details, as well as to find out how the audit of the regional administrations and the objects they built ended, the amount of damage done to the state and how many officials became involved in criminal proceedings.

In order to strengthen the defense capacity for the construction of engineering structures in the ATU zone, the Cabinet in March 2015 allocated to the Ministry of Defense from the reserve fund of the state budget 850 million hryvnia. It was planned in the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions to equip 232 platoon support points.

According to the "Censor. NO "in the Office of Public Relations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 20 similar contracts were signed on the delegation of the functions of the customer construction of engineering structures with certain state administrations. As an advance, administrations received under such agreements from the Ministry of Defense funds in the amount of 30% of the estimated budget assignments approved by him.

In the future (after the works for the amount of the allocated advance payment), the financing of the regional administrations was carried out in accordance with their applications. "In order to control the use of funds for applications for funding from the regional administrations, the amounts of budget financial obligations taken in the bodies of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine (registers with their marks) were added, which confirmed that the regional administrations were provided with payment for the acts of work performed for the amount of funds indicated in the register, "the reply to the query" Censor. NO". - State administrations, fulfilling the functions of the construction customer and guided by regulatory legal acts and state building codes on these issues, linked the standard project to the area. Projects for the construction of specific facilities passed state expertise, according to the conclusions of which were contracts for construction with contractor construction organizations. Also, according to the concluded agreements, state administrations determined the implementation of technical supervision of the construction process ".

The General Staff of the Supreme Council of Ukraine assures that the work on the construction of strong points was repeatedly checked by working groups and commissions of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, on behalf of the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Minister for Regional Development of Construction and Housing and Communal Services, a construction audit was conducted involving representatives of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine. At the same time, it is specified that technical supervision of construction was carried out by state administrations.

In addition, the reply also states that "comments that were submitted to construction organizations were taken into account and eliminated. The main drawbacks, as a rule, were insufficient number of employed workers and equipment at the construction sites ".

The problematic issue was the backlog from the construction schedule in certain areas, as these objects fell under bombardment of militants. For such objects were hit by sighting. Burned and a lot of technology.

"To build platoon-support points, it was necessary to develop technical documentation, drawings of fortifications with the appropriate budget and the corresponding technological requirements. It was all done, - said "Censor. NO "Deputy Prosecutor General - Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios. - But later inspection of these points showed that the constructed does not correspond to what is approved on paper. For example, the documents should be fundamentally filled with concrete, and instead there is a rusty container ".

The construction was organized by the capital construction departments of the regional state administrations. They also searched for a contractor and a subcontractor. Technical supervision of the construction was carried out by the administrations themselves. But at the same time from the military units appointed responsible, who checked compliance with the military position. The heads of sectors agreed in the ATU zone.

In the photos that were at the disposal of "Censor. NO ", it is clear that in the end it was built. Among the shortcomings, which during the hearings were told by experts: the reinforced concrete structures were replaced with wooden ones; there were no separate elements of metal structures (doors) that were not even installed; not reinforced parts collapsed; There are no or defective drainage systems, which is why some of the buildings were undermined.

The first criminal proceeding, investigated by the Main Military Prosecutor's Office, was opened on the fact of construction of platoon strongholds by Zaporozhye Regional State Administration. The violation was that budget funds were transferred to the executors of works even before they began to build. Although the contract provided for payment only after the fact. According to the investigation, the participants of the scheme, by prior agreement, entered inaccurate information in official documents - certificates of acceptance of the executed works of the KB-2V form for the construction of platoon support points, and the money was spent. Therefore, I had to finish building up another one and for additional funds. Head of the region was forced again to apply for money in the Cabinet.

As follows from the answer received from the Public Relations Office of the Armed Forces, the construction of facilities assigned to the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration has not yet been completed. In accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 12. 04. 2017 No. 253-r (as amended), to complete the construction of engineering facilities in 2017, the Ministry of Defense allocated 29.2 million UAH from the reserve fund of the state budget for financing the Zaporozhye regional state administration. During 2017, the work was not completed in full. The readiness of the objects on which the work was done is 80-98%. Of the allocated funds, 8.6 million UAH were used, the balance of funds was returned to the state budget as unused.

During the year 2018, no work was carried out after the completion of the construction.

As for the investigation of criminal proceedings, the military prosecutor's office of the ATU forces in October last year handed over suspicion to the former trainee-deputy chairman of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration. This was reported by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko in Facebook. "In September, I was struck by what I saw and set the task of assessing the abuse of the construction of the second line of defense in the Donbass. Already have the first result. The military prosecutor's office of the ATU forces presented a suspicion to Lytvyn, who in June 2015, as a deputy head of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, practiced abuse of civilian and military officials who built and received platoon strongholds, "Lutsenko wrote.

In response, the former official met with journalists and publicly denied the words of the Attorney General. Despite this, the Military Prosecutor's Office of the ATU forces completed a pre-trial investigation and was sent with an indictment to the Ordzhonikidzevsky District Court. Zaporozhye. The declared amount of damage is 11.6 million UAH.

In addition, the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office completed the pre-trial investigation and sent to the Ordzhonikidzevsky District Court. Zaporozhye indictments in criminal proceedings on the grounds of criminal offenses provided for. 3 items. 426; h. 2 items. 364; h. 3 items. 27 h. 2 items. 28 h. 2 items. 364-1; h. 4 items. 27 h. 2 items. 28 h. 3 items. 426; h. 2 items. 28 h. 1 st. 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Among the defendants are the deputy chief of staff of the military unit A3955 of the Main Directorate of Operational Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Shatkovsky. As well as deputy head of the capital construction department of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, director and deputy director of a commercial enterprise.

The verdict of the Ordzhonikidze District Court, which entered into legal force, approved an agreement on recognizing Shatkovsky's guilt in committing a criminal offense,. 3 items. 426 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, - the inaction of military power, that is, the deliberate failure of a military official to carry out actions that it had to perform in accordance with its official duties, causing significant harm done under a special period. And sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years. But according to Article 58 of the Criminal Code and taking into account the fact that it was a serviceman, it was replaced by an official restriction minus the 10%.

In criminal proceedings on the charge of three more defendants, a trial is being held. The amount of damage claimed by the prosecution also amounts to 11.6 million UAH.

Criminal proceedings were opened for officials of the Volyn and Donetsk administrations. As it turned out that these regional administrations built platoon strongholds in 2015 in spite of the project of the State Enterprise "Central Design Institute", developed and approved by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which is confirmed by forensic reports, which also established that some elements of 12 platoon strongholds that were built, currently can not be used for the intended purpose. It looked like this. Instead of building a concrete structure, a metal container was put and it was covered with concrete slabs.

The total damage caused to the state is 8.9 million hryvnia.

In the course of the investigation, several managers of the capital construction administrations of these administrations, their subordinates who carried out technical supervision, and military men who were supposed to check on their part. Since to date, the prosecution authorities are deprived of the right to investigate, criminal proceedings against these individuals have been sent by the military prosecutor's office for further pre-trial investigation in the NABU.

Responding to the request of the publication, the NABU confirmed that the investigation was underway, but they refused to comment on the details, referring to the interests of the investigation. True, as it became known "Censor. NO "from their sources, the head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office Nazar Kholodnitsky tried to bring the proceedings back to the military prosecutor's office.

Later in the comment he confirmed this information to us, saying that to conduct the investigation at the moment is continuing the NABU. "We had a joint meeting with military prosecutors. We will initiate the creation of joint groups that would further investigate, "he explained..

It is planned that such groups will include military prosecutors, employees of NABU and SAP.

Schemes of "development" of budgetary funds on the construction of such defense facilities could become almost ideal. And it is possible that the officials would have gone unpunished, had the investigation been conducted by civil investigators from the very beginning. To conduct an inspection in the territory where fighting is being conducted, where it is constantly firing, is extremely dangerous.

"In order to inspect these platoon strongholds, it was necessary to apply to the court to obtain decisions on temporary access. And also to make a crazy paper job, having lifted in the archive of the Ministry of Defense all the documents for each area, - explained Anatoly Matios. - Then took sappers, miners and specialists who can assess the quality of buildings and identify violations. It took a lot of time ".

The military prosecutor's office of the United forces continues to check other regional state administrations, which also allocated budget funds for construction.

"At the moment we have checked only half. First went to those where there were very obvious violations, - said the military prosecutor of the United forces Oleg Tsitsak. - These are administrations that completely abandoned the project and supplied rusty containers instead of concrete structures, buying them as metal. In some cases, they were overlaid with pins. They can not stand either that the projectile hits, but also some types of small arms.

We do not take the first line of defense, we are working on the second and third. On the first line of defense, the real combat situation, to prevent servicemen who are now at the "zero", to expose their lives to additional danger, for the sake of excavating these GPs, will be wrong ".

Oleg Tsitsak also confirmed the information that searches are carried out at the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"We are conducting searches in the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff for more than two months to find documents related to engineering, technical and financial documentation," he said.. - About 1800 volumes of such documents. The process of studying them is very long ".

Answering the question about possible complicity in the theft of budget funds by officials of these departments, the military prosecutor of the United Forces, said evasively that the searches were carried out not only in the archives, but also in the offices of some of them, without details and names.

Of course, there is still a lot of work ahead, but it is important that all those involved in such schemes understand that punishment is inevitable.

Tatiana Bodnya, Censor. NO.

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